Tim Cook uses a model of Apple Watch that no one can buy

Being chic is to have a product that no one else has the opportunity to acquire. This is how Tim Cook, Apple's current president, should feel in relation to the Watch.

 The version chosen by the executive is unique and is not marketed in any of the nine sites where the first giant of Cupertino smart watch is being sold. Being the CEO of the company responsible for manufacturing the product means that your face will be associated directly with the company, so use a unique edition is a good marketing action by the US company.

The model in question is made of stainless steel 42 mm with the white bracelet Sport line. The party alone can have, however, is the crown in red, present in metal right side of the structure. Of course, this is limited to the visual aspect, without adding any functions to Apple Watch. Nevertheless, this variant is not available to the casual customer. As we can see in the images below, where Tim Cook appears holding a darker version of wearable gadget, your personal smartwatch appears with limited details:

Unique model of Apple Watch used by Tim Cook has a red crown on the side and a metal and clear structure. Only similar version is Edition, but has a golden color instead of silver

There is only one version of Apple Watch that contains the lateral crown in other colors Edition. This is the controversial model that can exceed the mark of $ 10 thousand, ie, it is really geared to customers who have the advantaged bank account. More specifically, the Edition is coated with gold, so keep the golden color instead of silver used by Tim Cook. There are chances of intelligent clock carried by the chief executive of Apple being one of the first to be mounted, so there was a chance to customize it with the red detail.

Currently, Apple Watch can be found in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK, with prices starting from $ 349 and can reach incredible $ 17 thousand, or R $ 1,073 and R $ 52,277 in current dollar price, disregarding the Brazilian taxes, respectively. In a recently held event, Tim Cook said that the second batch of smart accessories will reach more locations in June, but the list with the new countries was not informed, much less the amounts charged at each location.

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