5 things I love about iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S was presented last night by Apple and millions of people were paying attention to everything that Tim Cook and his subordinates were on the stage of Bill Graham Conference Center in San Francisco, and some things are really surprising.

Although we're a terminal S series, which ought to have part of a minor upgrade, I think that this year Apple offers more than last year when he made the transition from iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are independent here difference of diagonal screens.

That said, here are five things I love about iPhone 6s.

1. Touch 3D

At first glance it may seem trivial 3D Touch for many, but the system itself has the potential to completely change how everyone interacts with a smartphone and thanks to this technology implemented by Apple.

If until now we were used to pressing short or long, starting with iPhone 6S and 3D Touch will have to live with the strong or mild, they differentiates access a link or view a preview window, or access an application or open a menu with shortcuts to various functions.

2. 12-megapixel camera with 4K shooting

Samsung Galaxy S6 testing chamber Edge + I noticed that there is a major difference from iPhone 6 plus when it comes to record pictures or videos and upgrades done by Apple for iPhone 6S room is very auspicious.

Even if you do not record very good pictures in low light conditions, the camera will record iPhone 6S superb video clips and pictures that will capture more of what surrounds us, function Live Photos will become one of my favorites.

3. A9 Chip

I was and I will always be a fan of performance, I like everything to be done quickly to open quickly, and with the new A9 chip Apple gives us the performance very close to those of laptops, just as we speak smartphones and nothing else.

Yes, you read well, the new A9 chip which should have a triple-core processors with 2GB RAM is faster than 70% of laptops on the market and so you will see demonstrated in the first benchmarks that will become available next week.

4. 4G +

Love for speed is based and fast web , 4G networks and 4G + began to expand at a rapid pace, so that compatibility with the networks of 300 Mbps is a feature that I honestly was waiting another year past.

Currently, the speed difference between a 4G connection and a 4G + can reach up to 60 Mbps in Bucharest or various parts of the country, so if you buy an iPhone 6S in a city with 4G coverage +, I recommend support activities subscription.

5. Touch ID

The most common function of My iPhone in recent years is Touch ID and that's because every time you do something in terminal unlock it first with this system they use and to authorize payments or do various other actions available.

In iPhone 6S Apple has improved Touch ID with an image of the second generation, and this will bring faster scanning, recognition faster / more accurate and unlocking faster, the difference between Touch ID of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have been enormous, and I expect the same thing now.

Do you like the iPhone 6S?

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