A video shows the first Jailbreak TVOS

With the new fourth generation Apple TV in the hands of some developers, software developers are experimenting with different ways to benefit from the latest news and TVOS benefits.

A few days ago, in GreenPois0n, we showed you the first unboxing of Apple TV 4. This time we will present the first TVOS jailbreak.

Crossy road, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Rayman Adventures, Guitar Hero, Shadowmatic, Airbnb, Showtime, Periscope, Plex, VLC and many more, but a developer: tens and applications that are available for Apple TV countHe has managed to integrate a MAME emulator TVOS and has videotaped.

The video shows the operation of the emulator MAME in TVOS

MAME emulator developed by Kevin Smith is based on a similar port for iPhone and iPad. This special software kit allows users to run games retro and vintage at the new Apple TV and modern company on the block. You want to see what it looks like?Do not miss the video!

The video shows some of the action video games such as the popular Metal Gear Solid, Donkey Kong, addictive Arkanoid or the legendary Street Fighter. A8 processor 4th generation Apple TV is capable of supporting these simulation games pretty well.

The emulator is based on iMAME4All TVOS

Kevin Smith, the developer of software for MAME TVOS explains how the hack was developed:

"The original work is based on iMAME4All, CUA is a universal iOS application. MAME emulator port 0,37b5 has been created by Nicola Salmoria for all (iPad HD, iPhone 4G, iPod Touch and other models) iOS devices based on GP2X, WIZ MAME4ALL 2.5 Franxis. I created a target for TVOS and prepared to compile code for arm64. "

Many users of Apple TV are not quite sure whether this is a jailbreak itself, Kevin Smith himself acknowledges that introduced several tweaks, and if you look at the video we will see how the developer has included up compatibility with third-party control video games, so the debate is. What we do know for sure it is that Apple censor this kind of software, and we'll need to install the jailbreak.

"I solved a series of errors, remove incompatible with TVOS code and simplified the code to run on Apple TV. I also added a compatible basic TVOS icon. I installed some tweaks to the source to operate the controls and to support the resolution of 1080p. The command I've used is the SteelSeries Stratus XL and have synchronized to Apple TV via Bluetooth. "

Finally, Kevin Smith wanted to highlight that the majority of video games run as normal in this small jailbreak for TVOS. However, he specified that games like Metal Slug and Street Fighter give some problems. What do you think the emulator you created for Apple TV?

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