Apple's first Android app was not developed it

Move to iOS is the first Android application developed by Apple, or at least that we were given to believe by those in Cupertino because in reality it seems that the application would have been produced by another company.

Specifically, a company called Media Mushroom would be released in Google Play an application called Copy My Data and the Move to iOS created virtually by Apple would actually contains a large number of functions and existing code in the application mentioned above .

Analyzing the application code, a publication foreign realized that including the names of internal resources, shall be identical to the Copy My Data, such as a talk about something produced by the Cupertino, but about something or it was copied or was bought.

Given the many processes that involves Apple, most likely talking about licensing the right to use the application source code in your application Copy My Data released in Google Play, CAA's hard to believe that Apple copied it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The two applications share a vast majority of code and functionality. In fact, all of the com.mediamushroom.copymydata strings were left inside Apple’s rebranded version. Essentially, the only differences between the two apps are Apple’s artwork being added, the inclusion of Apple’s licensing agreements, and Media Mushroom’s UI elements being removed. That’s really it. 

The application Move to iOS created by Apple has been derided by Android users in over 15,000 reviews published in Google Play and some of them are deserved because the application has functionality very simple and not so good, as some recount.

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