Hackers made iOS 9 jailbreak

Renowned developer tools iH8sn0w jailbreak operating system iOS 9. video demonstrating the "hacked" software platform hacker posted on its channel on YouTube.

Until today, iOS 9 was considered unassailable in terms of the execution of arbitrary code. Update tested from June this year, and until that time the developers were not informed about the possibility of hacking. Today iH8sn0w clearly confirmed the possibility of creating a jailbreak exploit the example of GM-9 version of iOS.

The video shows the iPhone 5, which is shown on the screen mode Verbose-boot with custom logo and unofficial applications store Cydia. After starting the smartphone developer comes to your operating system shows the version iOS, then runs Cydia.

Of course, to forge such a video is easy. However, in this case it is an authoritative hacker who had not previously been seen in the spread of fakes.

Fact demonstration jailbreak for iOS 9 does not mean the imminent appearance of common tools for hacking. However, this is a big step in that direction.


iOS 9 GM held on Wednesday, a few hours after the presentation of iPhone 6s and iPad Pro. Gold Master is the latest build of "Nine", released with two goals: ultimate refinement of applications for the new operating system and search for the last unresolved errors. Practice shows that the operating system in the status of GM are completely identical to the final release, the intended wide range of users. Public iOS version 9 will be available for download on 16 September.

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