How to drawing on iOS 9 Notes

Notes has experienced a huge update with the arrival of iOS 9. Has implemented new features and functions being able to write and draw by one hand of the most prominent.

Hand scoring with Notes

IOS 9, the Notes application combines text, picture and image, and incorporates a variety of options for taking notes. With three different points, a ruler, an eraser and different colors, it's a pretty basic drawing application, but very effective to score and match your ideas with text or images.

A few days ago we told how to share a website with iOS 9 Notes Today we'll show how to use this handwriting to text sketching or writing notes in the new app.

First open the Notes app, select an existing folder (or create a new folder) and click on the icon to create a new note, identified by a pencil and paper located on the bottom right of your screen.

To add text, click the "+" sign. A menu of options will open and then press the "doodle".

Within this option to "doodle", drawing or handwriting, choose a color by clicking on the circle on the Tools menu, and select a width for the stroke. You can use the reset button (on top) or the eraser to undo any mistakes.

As you can see, there is a rule so you can draw straight or angled lines. When you're happy with your sketch, click "Done" and your new note by hand will be saved in the folder selected before Notes.

Subsequently, you can access this note and add another sketch, a picture, text, web page and share it with whoever you want.

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