ICloud subscriptions are cheaper on 25 September

Apple last week promised that iCloud subscriptions will be cheaper and will enable the purchase of 50GB of storage space on its servers priced at just $ 0.99 per month, but has not announced when it will make this change.

Well online support service employees argue that from 25 September we will see new subscriptions available in iCloud iOS 9 menu at this time and will be launched iPhone 6S and 6S Plus iPhone in 12 countries around the globe.

ICloud subscriptions launch cheaper iPhone with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is logical because new customers will want more likely to benefit from cloud storage space, especially if they will acquire a terminal with 16 GB storage space.

According to Apple, the new iCloud subscriptions will offer:

  • 50 GB of storage space at $ 0.99 or 0.99 euros;
  • 200 GB of storage space at $ 3.99 or 3.99 euros;
  • 1TB storage space at $ 9.99 or EUR 9.99.
If you have an old subscription Apple will most likely make the transition to a new and probably will extend the availability of the current subscription, so you get more space for a longer period of time.

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