iOS 9 eliminates the possibility of Jailbreak with Pangu

Usually, when Apple releases a new version of iOS introduced various improvements and resolve errors in previous versions. According Pangu Team, Apple has managed to resolve vulnerabilities in iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak allowing, so for now it will not be possible in iOS 9.

Users often are not aware of these improvements to the naked eye but can be known thanks to the developers responsible for conducting the Jailbreak. And these developers thoroughly analyze each version of iOS to give those little security flaws through which can be cast to make the jailbreak possible.

In just a few days for the final version of IOS 9 is released, but the team is already Pangu to work with the jailbreak for this version. So they have some things in advance can see the public version of iOS 9 when it arrives in a few days.

iOS 9 will be a much more stable and secure version

Pangu developer Team manager jailbreak and revealed at the time that they had detected three different vulnerabilities in iOS 8.4.1. The developer did not give many details, especially not to give clues to Apple and can correct it in future versions, but the Cupertino have finally managed to find them and fix them ahead of iOS 9.

According to the developer, Apple has managed to fix two of these three vulnerabilities in the kernel, so iOS 9 will be a much safer version. This will make the arrival of the jailbreak for this version be delayed a little longer than expected, but surely get Pangu carry it forward.

Regarding the Jailbreak, the Pangu time has not been pronounced, but users who use it can be calm, since they are working and analyzing thoroughly iOS 9 for the earliest possible. Of course, the release date is still a mystery.

Jailbreak shown by Pangu works with iOS 8.4.1, but not iOS 9. So if you plan to upgrade to the new version nothing is official and you have done the Jailbreak your device, remember that you will lose.

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