iPad mini 4 is virtually impossible to repair - iFixit

IFixit disassembled experts subjected tablet iPad mini 4 went on sale last week. The announcement was made along with iPhone 6s and iPad Pro this month at an event in Cupertino.

The tablet iPad mini 4 differs from the previous model and the internal mechanics like more on the iPad Air 2. It should be noted that the new "Minicom" has become much thinner - 6.1 mm compared to 7.5 mm for iPad mini 3. The amount of RAM increased to 2 GB.

Increasing the degree of integration and density arrangement adversely affects the maintainability of modern electronic devices. Trying to make the iPad mini 4 is thinner, the designers combined the front panel LCD screen. This somewhat simplifies disassembly, but increases the risk of damage to the screen.

After the dismantling of iFixit experts assessed the maintainability iPad mini 4 2 points out of 10 - the same number of points, according to iFixit, scored, and a full-sized iPad Air 2.

Like previous models, iPad mini 4 is very difficult to make out on their own and try to replace the damaged display may result in loss of performance fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

The list of ingredients found specialists iFixit iPad mini 4 includes:

  • System on a A8 chip Apple APL1011;
  • flash memory SK Hynix H2JTDG8UD1BMR NAND Flash 16 GB volume;
  • Adapter Wi-Fi Universal Scientific Industrial 339S00045 (in the iPad mini 3 was 339S0213);
  • NFC-controller NXP NXP Semiconductors 65V10;
  • Coprocessor movement NXP Semiconductors LPC18B1UK (coprocessor Apple M8);
  • audiochip Apple (Cirrus Logic) 338S1213 Audio Codec;
  • touchscreen controller Broadcom BCM5976C1KUB6G.
For bracket button «Home» Scanner Touch ID has been used adhesive is extremely difficult to dismantle it. When you build the whole use too much glue, Lightning connector is soldered to the system board. The only plus layout - on 5124 mAh battery (6471 at the iPad mini 3) nowhere soldered.

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