iPhone 6s and 6s Plus showed unexpectedly good results in the test of autonomy

Thanks benchmarks we have seen that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus dual-core Apple A9 are the fastest smartphones on the market. In Phonearena decided to test the flagship Apple's decision on the subject of battery life and compare them with competitors. The results were quite surprising.

If you believe the experts, more than a year of testing batteries of smartphones, iPhone 6s autonomy and iPhone 6s increased by half compared to its predecessors. And this despite the lower capacity battery. During the test time is measured Phonearena smartphones to completely turn off after charging the battery on devices running a special script. This method is the most reliable test simulates the battery consumption of the smartphone in the standard daily operation.

According to the results of measurements, iPhone 6s Plus was able to withstand without recharging 9:00 11 minutes of continuous use, the battery while the iPhone 6s enough for 8 hours and 15 minutes of battery life. iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus 6 shows the results at 6 o'clock 32 minutes and 5 hours 22 minutes, respectively.

Apple has optimized power consumption through the use of smart phones more energy-efficient processor A9 and optimization of the operating system iPhone iOS 9. Autonomy has grown, despite a reduction in capacity Battery - from 1810 to 1715 mAh at iPhone 6s and 2915 to 2750 mAh in the case of iPhone 6s Plus.

New iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have a greater capacity, but there are models that run on battery power for even longer. In particular, it relates to those protected by the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Active - 12:00 9 minutes and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - 10:00 2 minutes.

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