iPhone 6s «broke» Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in tests for performance

In recent years, thanks to a series of benchmarks, we can make sure that iPhone 6s with dual-core Apple A9 is the fastest device in the line of Apple. In tests it is significantly faster than its predecessor iPhone 6. But what will prove to be a new model in comparison with the modern PHABLET Samsung?

Resource Betakit compared the iPhone 6s with Galaxy Note 5, based on the top-end 64-bit chip Exynos 7420 eight-core. The number of test tasks was to evaluate the performance of the processor in the Geekbench benchmark 3 and graphics performance test in 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited.

A9 processor Apple is the third generation of processors based on 64-bit architecture. It uses advanced technology for mobile devices, thanks to which the total capacity increased by 70% compared to the previous generation. The efficiency of graphics has increased by 90%.

As you can see, iPhone 6s Apple A9 processor with a clock speed of 1.85 GHz, demonstrates the growth speed of 63% in single-core mode and 53% in multi-threaded mode, in comparison with the iPhone 6. Despite having only two cores of the Apple hardware is ahead 8 core processor Exynos 7420 is not only a single-threaded, and multi-threaded test.

Regarding the graphical power, there is also leading the flagship Apple. In the test 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited Apple smartphone score of 28403 points, against 24,600 at the Galaxy Note 5. As Apple says that when working with graphics processor A9 is not inferior to the performance game consoles.

Of course, the specifications are not always the defining characteristics when choosing a mobile device, however, as we see, Apple is once again managed to set a new bar for performance in mobile devices.

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