iPhone 6S humiliates Samsung Galaxy S6 in performance [video]

iPhone 6S humiliates Samsung Galaxy S6 a new performance test that you can see in the video below showing the actual way in which he handles the two terminals in normal use.

Specifically, iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 undergo a performance test in which about opening applications, loading websites and conducting benchmarks, and finally smartphone from Apple get a very good score .

iPhone 6S humiliates Samsung Galaxy S6 in performance mainly because of poor multitasking smartphone from Samsung Koreans, he having the same problems such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to reopen applications already in Android background.

iPhone 6S humiliates Samsung Galaxy S6 in performance

Even up to the test to reopen the application open in the background, iPhone 6S have an edge over Samsung Galaxy S6, and this includes the test of Internet surfing that has not been used native browser of Android, but Google Chrome site of from Google.

Finally, iPhone 6S graphics performance test with a score of more than double that of Samsung Galaxy S6, he proves again that Apple puts a high value on implementation of high-performance graphics chips in its handsets.

iPhone 6S humiliates Samsung Galaxy S6 in everyday use because Apple thought an operating system more efficient and almost perfectly optimized for its internal components of mobile terminals, while Samsung is struggling smartphone with Android.

If Samsung would give up Android and would use its own operating system is very well optimized for the hardware of its terminals are completely different things than they do now, but this will not happen anytime soon.

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