Jailbreak status after the release of iOS 9.0.1

The game of cat and mouse between Apple and hackers who are dedicated to developing the jailbreak continues. And did so with the extinct iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team, and new groups as Pangu Asian hackers or TAIG not leak. When a new Jailbreak appears Apple used scans all exploits (vulnerabilities) and sooner or later the patches with an update. This is just what happened with the release of iOS 8.4.1, a version hardly changes focused on fixing bugs, and Apple Jailbreak is a system failure. Now that iOS 9 is now available, we still have a Jailbreak compatible with the latest version. In addition, Apple has released iOS 9.0.1, an update to fix some problems in the first version and have also launched a new beta version of iOS 9.1. We tell you all about the state of Jailbreak.

Apple has updated its system in record time after learning of complaints of many users who were experiencing problems. The update contains several flaws solution, such as preventing the operation of the setup wizard or sounded some alarms and timers. The good news is that iOS 9.0.1 does not have security improvements and in theory should present the same difficulty hackers IOS 9. In this regard, the work may have advance continue to serve for a future Jailbreak.

However, it is quite possible that we have to wait to see a new Jailbreak. Asian groups Pangu and TAIG hackers have demonstrated their ability to launch Jailbreaks significantly faster than their American counterparts in recent years, but that is no guarantee that they will get it so quickly this time. The Pangu Team admitted managed to unlock iOS 8.4.1, but Apple exploits patched several iOS 9 and got a job does not fit the latest version.

But do not panic, what we've seen so far, we know the jailbreak is possible. The hacker iH8sn0w got and posted a video to prove it in great detail, custom boot logos included. However, there may be used copyright protected and in that case could not publish code.

Most likely we will not see a new Jailbreak until you get the final version of iOS 9.1, which is already in beta. As always, we will look to tell you any news on the jailbreak scene.

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