Launch iPhone 6S - ongoing and important advice

IPhone Launch iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Apple Store will take place under very strict rules imposed by Apple today in Cupertino those plans were disclosed by insiders.

According to these sources, Apple will follow the rules established in previous years and will limit your ability to purchase daily just by two iPhones per person, this limitation exists as to those who have reservation decked, and for those who did not.

Now if we are talking about booking will give a very important tip: make a reservation of purchase. Last year I made a reservation to buy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and 08:00 in the morning we entered the shop although 400 people were waiting in line.

A booking made on the website of Apple to buy iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus on launch day will save a lot of time calling those with reservations being placed in a queue separately and given priority over those who have not booking made.

First off, like previous years, Apple will limit customers to purchasing only two new iPhones per day and you can only buy two per store reservation. At about 6 AM, queuing customers will be split into two new lines for reservations and new buyers. The doors will open early at 8 AM for iPhone sales. Apple will begin allocating reservations for customers that need them about fifteen minutes before doors open. 

Apart from this, the company will suspend programming for Apple Genius bar and any other programs that normally takes place in stores, which are totally dedicated to selling new terminal iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Basically these are the rules that you must know and recommend them again to make a reservation to dramatically reduce waiting times, but do not push it with the intention of buying, because you can not purchase more than 2 iPhone- s per person per day.

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