MeetingDnD radically improves DoNotDisturb

MeetingDnD is a new tweak available in Cydia during the previous night, he thought the idea of being radically improve DoNotDisturb function implemented by Apple in iOS, but with many limitations.

Specifically, MeetingDnD allows us to interconnect inputs DoNotDisturb Calendar application system and activate it automatically in basis when we have an important meeting and do not want to be bothered by anyone.

According to the developer, for each entry we make in the Calendar application we can set the function to be automatically activated DoNotDisturb at the beginning that event, so you will not have to separate asset only option.

Do not get disturbed while in meetings or classes – this tweak adds the option to automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode when a calendar event starts, and to automatically exit DnD when the event ends. You can enable this for each calendar event separately; recurring events are also supported. It is possible to set the default value (DnD on or off) for new events in Settings/MeetingDnD, as well as to choose if a scheduled DnD should end during a DnD-enabled calendar event. 

Moreover, we can create MeetingDn using a predefined schedule to be included in DoNotDisturb function, the tweak is available for download from the BigBoss Cydia repo site.

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