Microsoft officially released Office 2016 for Mac and Windows

Microsoft officially released Office 2016 for all types of devices and operating systems Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The release of the package of modern office applications hosted on Tuesday, 22 of September. It offers users a convenient new tools to collaborate on documents, presentations and projects, and provides even more use cases of cloud services and setting levels of access to the files for different users. Office 2016 for Mac was released in July of this year, but then they could use only the subscribers to Office 365. From today a package of office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote for OS X is available for one-time purchase.

The new package of office applications, all services are integrated with each other, which makes it possible to use the function of one program while working in another. Thus, a tool for collaboration Delve reveals the connection between what work is done by the user, with collaborations that writes in e-mails and social networks, and then analyzes the information and automatically selects the appropriate content to SharePoint, in OneDrive, pages Yammer or on the Internet . Appendix Sway, using a similar mechanism, provides the tools to create beautiful presentations of projects. With Sway user can make the paper look like a magazine or blog, adding photos, videos YouTube, links to Wikipedia, the diagram of Excel, and printed or handwritten text.

"In March, Microsoft introduced a preliminary version of Office 2016 for IT professionals and developers. We took into account the comments and feedback from users and offer new convenient tools and reliable resources to work in Office for ordinary users and for corporate customers "- said Zinaida Kudrin.

Innovations improve the processes of communication in companies of all sizes. Update for Outlook to quickly find important information by displaying the latest requests and automatically offering a variety of options as you type in the search box. In addition, you can run through all the folders on the search or dialogue with a particular person, and look on the device in the cloud, the Internet, etc. Open a contact card in Outlook, you can quickly contact them by using the "Call for Skype». Skype for Business serves as a convenient and safe tool for video and audio and conferences, which will be able to connect to anyone, provided he has a Microsoft ID, an account with Lync or Skype. Skype for Business allows the user to share the user with buddies his desk or a part of it, and send files in general conversation. Editing in real-time, previously only available in the web-applications Office, will save a Word document on OneDrive business colleagues and send link.

Microsoft Office 2016 offers a more convenient tools for working with files. Any document can be downloaded from OneDrive business or other storage, stored in the cloud or on your hard drive and use on any device running any operating system. In addition, to send documents is now even easier: you have to choose with whom to share the file and determine whether the recipient has the ability to not only view but also edit the resulting document. Previously this was only possible for files from the cloud OneDrive, and now works for documents stored locally.

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