Reinforced aluminum alloy made iPhone 6s Plus virtually inflexible [video]

Last year, some iPhone 6 Plus users is noticed that their smartphones are bent when wearing in his trouser pocket. The news caused a lot of noise, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that once released iPhone 6s Plus, he was subjected to a similar "penalty" to find out how strong its design. And, apparently, the owners of new products will not have any problems with the excessive flexibility of the body.

Apple has taken several steps to strengthen iPhone 6s. In particular, the company has strengthened the walls in places where the volume button switch and interlock devices - that is where bent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Also made a number of changes in the distribution of fasteners, so the new iPhone 6s became stronger and more inflexible.

Directly "shell» iPhone 6s made of aluminum 7000-series - an alloy of aluminum and zinc. This material is used in "smart" watches Apple Watch Sport, successfully proving its impact.

The author of practical experiment made by the New Zealand project FoneFox, whose creators have made every effort to give the iPhone 6s Plus curved shape. Last year, the iPhone 6 Plus can be deformed "bare hands", but the novelty honorably withstand such abuse.

Only when Smartphone immediately took two people to make every effort to ensure that the device is bent, body slightly bent. Under normal circumstances iPhone 6s unlikely to be subjected to such pressures, so that the pocket gadget can be worn safely.

Note that the first strain of the Apple-communicators spoke in 2012 after the release of iPhone 5. It was the result of several fundamental factors - the replacement of the glass plate on the rear of the insert of aluminum, to increase the diagonal screen device and reduce the thickness of the body. As a result, some time after the receipt of the smartphone on the market, filled the Internet photos allegedly bent during normal wear in the trouser pocket of the iPhone 5.

Sales of new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the "first wave" began on 25 September. Buy new items today are residents of the United States, Australia, Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, China, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, France and Japan.

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