5 useful functions in the iPhone 6s 3D Touch Screen, which you might not know

Many are aware of the benefits of deep pressing function 3D Touch to iPhone 6s, but there are a number of different options that will make use of the flagship Apple smartphone even more convenient.

Function 3D Touch Safari Tabs to preview tabs

The user can quickly see the tabs in Safari, clicking using 3D Touch. Implement preview links or fully examine the contents of the tab, you can use gestures peek and pop. Easy pressing «peek» will provide an overview of the tab, strong pressing «pop» tab opens completely.

Gesture peek allows you to read messages without full opening

Due to pressing «peek» the user can see the new message without opening it. It is worth noting that this preview message is marked as read. Full story messages can be viewed by clicking the deep pop.

Gesture peek allows you to quickly respond to an incoming message

With peek user can instantly reply to incoming notifications. Move preview messages in the upper part of the screen will provide access to a menu of quick answers.

3D Touch Contact function for quick access to the contact list via the Profile photo 

Using 3D Touch clicking on the profile contact in applications such as Messages, Mail and Contacts, you can view the context menu, which contains all the contact information. Menu allows you to quickly make a call, send a message or an e-mail. After clicking on the contact name on the page the user will get full information about it.

3D Touch allows you to select text

Perhaps one of the most useful features is the ability to select text. The function works on a similar principle as in the trackpad. Pushing 3D Touch let you select editable text, links, and so on. Different types of gestures let you select a single word, sentence or paragraph. This is much easier than the first highlight a word, and then sliding your finger on the text, highlight it completely.

Of course, the technology 3D Touch still full of all sorts of surprises. For example, it opened that gestures peek and pop into the Weather app allows you to view the weather in different cities.

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