Developers Facebook launched at Apple Watch Doom and the new Apple TV [Video]

The developers of Facebook launched on smart watches Apple Watch classic shooter Doom. He also managed to port the iconic project for a new set-top box Apple TV. In his microblog pictures they have posted and published a short video of the gameplay.

To start the game enthusiasts have used the emulator game engine Valve Gold Source. However, to pass "shooter" using a tiny screen Apple Watch, was very uncomfortable. Depending on the configuration and the number of facilities around the gamer retrohit gave the frame rate to 40 FPS. "On Apple TV, play of Doom much more comfortable", - the programmers. For the game, they used a standard remote control set-top boxes.

At Lior Tooby and Mehdi Mulan it took only 10 hours to ensure that Doom ported to Apple Watch and the new Apple TV. This was done within Hackaton, which occurred at the headquarters of Facebook in Tel Aviv.

Enthusiasts regularly experiment with platforms for which you can adapt Doom. In particular, in the summer of last year, the media reported about the Australian hacker who managed to run to the ATM to the shooter by Windows.

Currently under development Doom 4, it plans to release in the spring of 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The first part of the game was released in 1993 and to date has sold over 10 million copies. Its developed for the PC and later ported to other platforms. It is this game helped popularize the genre of first-person shooters, bringing the studios millions of dollars.

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