How to transfer mode, and Split View "picture in picture" with the iPad Pro on your iPhone and all iPad [Cydia]

In addition to the new interface, multitasking and energy saving mode iOS 9 devices brought to special modes: Slide Over, Split View and the "Picture in Picture", which opens up new opportunities for multitasking on devices. With the high permission of Apple, they are available only on a limited number of devices - the latest generation iPad.

Useful Slide Over feature provides the ability to open a second application without leaving first. You can browse the site to respond to a message or make a note and then move the application to the side and return to the one used before. Split View mode on the iPad, you can simultaneously work with two applications. Draw, opening next to the original image or document be copying from Wikipedia quotes or books. When all the necessary vision, focus much easier.

Finally, the "Picture in Picture" allows while talking on FaceTime or watching video, reduce the window and move it to the corner of the screen. You can open a second application and freely use it - the video will continue to play. iOS 9 allows you to simultaneously watch videos and answer only that the letter came.

New jailbreak extension allows you to transfer all the multitasking capabilities iPad on officially unsupported devices. Due to the advantages of multi-window mode Medusa iPad Pro are available on other plates - the old models of iPad, such as the first iPad Air, iPad mini 3 and even iPad 2/3/4 and iPad mini first and second generation. Moreover, these tweaks this feature can also be used on the iPhone.

Release jailbreak means that now use the application in multi-mode and watch mode "picture in picture" is possible on smartphones. Supports even mode Slide Over. In its current form Medusa can not yet boast all the stated functionality: PiP-mode is not available. However, the developer is already preparing the appropriate update. To use the "picture in picture" is possible by means tweak Tronton Stephen Smith on this page. Install deb-file must be manually via iFile.

To use the Medusa now, enough to add in Cydia repository Developer Tweaks can be used free of charge.

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