iOS 9 and Android 6 Marshmallow - Compared design

iOS 9 and Android 6 Marshmallow appear today in a comparison of the design to see which of the two operating systems has a prettier interface for users, both available at the moment for mobile terminals worldwide.

iOS 9 is offered by Apple since a month ago, while the Android 6 Marshmallow began to be available soon for some mobile terminals, various manufacturers around the world rushing to offer users the upgrade in the next period .

As you can see from the picture of this article, two operating systems begin to resemble more and more in terms of design and fonts for writing displayed in applications or diverse menu, which was not really that hard imagined.

iOS 9 and Android 6 Marshmallow - Compared design

iOS 9 and Android 6 Marshmallow have years upon years of evolution behind, iOS coming without site used in the first 6 years of existence, while Google has made since last year transition to design material represented very well the update site.

Findings iOS 9 or Android 6 Marshmallow design you on your taste in design, because we are not talking only about looks, not about functionality, and in this case the opinions are quite divided.

From my point of view iOS 9 vs Android 6 Marshmallow are far from having a perfect design and both Apple and Google can improve many interface operating systems, but will probably been a while until we see a major upgrade .

As usual, I do not express preferences about the "beauty" of an operating system or another, but are curious to know what is your opinion about the way they look each and what changes would you like to see in future .

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