iPhone 6s Plus with 2GB of RAM did not leave Galaxy Note 5 with 4 GB of RAM a chance in test performance [video]

Resource PhoneBuff praised the speed of the two current flagship smartphone: iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Gadgets are connected to the same wireless network. To assess the operating time on each device was launched stopwatch that recorded the total time spent on the implementation of a set of devices of the same tasks.

The author of the video ran without stopping on each device games and applications designed to perform the same functions (camera, gallery, browser, and so on). Early in the process, captured the leadership of the new product Apple. Rank outsider got the machine from the Korean manufacturer, and on the second lap.

According to the author of the experiment, the video shows how much worse Galaxy Note 5 running applications in the background compared to the iPhone 6s Plus. Consistently opening program and moving within them both the same way smartphones, restart the application after nearly a dozen running programs shows that the flagship of Samsung re-loads the information, while the iPhone 6s instantly tears before running the software at no additional data download. And this despite the fact that the Korean smartphone has 4 GB of RAM to 2 GB have iPhone 6s Plus.

Final time for the participants of the experiment was 1 minute 13 seconds for the iPhone 6s and 1 minute 29 seconds for the Galaxy Note 5.

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