Jailbreaking your iPhone make it slower? [video]

Each time a new version of iOS hacking community produces tools for the jailbreak. With their help, users can bypass the security of the operating system and install applications and tweaks not admitted for various reasons, to the App Store. Last week, hacker group Pangu introduced exploit, by means of which can be done jailbreak iOS 9.

As she says Apple, jailbreak can lead to malfunction of the iOS, as well as staff and third-party applications. There may be performance degradation and loss of data. Judging by the references problems with the iPhone's web, in some cases this is true. However, it should be noted out that iOS 9 also works less stable than its predecessor. Spontaneous reboot the device and software crashes, including adapted for iOS 9 and even staff may become more frequent.

As far as practical to use iOS 9 and what is the price for liberation from the restrictions imposed, I decided to find a blogger iAppleBytes. He compared the two the iPhone 5 on the latest firmware iOS 9.0.2: one of the devices was a serial version of the OS, the second - with jailbreak Pangu 1.0.1. On the "hacked" gadget he set three tweak: Forcy (analogue 3D Touch for icons), Live Photo Enabler (including live photos) and CC settings (setting control points).

The experiment was to some extent confirmed the fears of Apple. the iPhone 5 jailbreak in a number of tasks slightly inferior to the speed of the device to the original iOS. So, a few standard applications are opened slowly, some games, and Spotlight. Item management and multitasking bar while working at the same speed.

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