Pangu9 Jailbreak errors and solving

Pangu9 jailbreak iOS 9 is not perfect jailbreak solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch's, such as a variety of errors occur at times when users tried to exploit their terminals with the program launched by Pangu Team.

I know many of you are interested to know how we handle some Pangu9 errors and this article aims to help you do this even when you use the jailbreak on your computers running Windows.

Before reading the list of Pangu9 errors make sure you try to do jailbreak only when you activate Airplane Mode, you have disabled Find My iPhone with a security code, and you do not have OTA Update made to the current version of iOS terminals, since problems there.

Pangu9 jailbreak errors and solving

0A error, usually occurs in 45%

This problem seems to be based on two things that can be solved quite simply, the first being the use of a backup was not encrypted, the second being the issue several gigabytes of extra space from your computer for the process to run smoothly.

If you have not encrypted the data terminal with iTunes, then only the second part of the explanation is applied, so no need to worry.

51 error occurs in general 65%

If Pangu 9 displays error error occurred in Preparing the environment, err code (51) when you try to jailbreak then delete any profile installed iOS 9.1, iOS 9.0.2 downgrade and retry the jailbreak procedure.

Eroarea / usr / libexc / cydia / cydo error

This error occurs in very few cases and unfortunately the only way that you can solve is performing a restore through iTunes, or you will reunite every time you try the procedure again the jailbreak for your devices.

Blue screen typically appears at 90%

It is possible that the end of the procedure jailbreak your terminal to display a blue screen and the PC to hang program, the problem being how the final part of the solution injected Pangu9 jailbreak your device.

In this case you have to restart the terminal to resume the process of jailbreak and when prompted provide access to your pictures to open the Photos application first, and only then open the application Pangu9 terminals.

Jailbreak start button can not be pressed

This problem apparently due to the fact that your computer has the latest version of iTunes installed, the only way to make the jailbreak reinstall iTunes software in your computer.

Runtime Error

Error Runtime Error! ... This application has Requested the Runtime to finished it in unusual way year ... could be displayed by Pangu9 program in your PC, in which case you need to reinstall iTunes, just as I have suggested above.

Installed error iOS Profile Public Beta

If Pangu 9 Installed iOS displays error Profile Public Beta, you will need to navigate in Settings> General> Profiles, Configuration> General> Profiles and remove any profile you have installed there to install the beta versions of the operating system iOS.

Cydia does not appear after jailbreak

The problem with Cydia does not appear and I've met a terminal, and in this situation there is a solution for the whole problem quite simple.

For application Cydia occur after jailbreak need to have application Photos, Pictures, opened before initiating the procedure for iOS 9 jailbreak with Pangu9, close it when you are asked access to photos and then reopen the application Pangu9 in terminals.

Apple Logo blocked after restore

If after I restart the terminal blocks on startup and displays the Apple logo, then the only solution is to do a restore to iOS 9.0.2.

Cydia does not start after jailbreak

Just like in previous situations, the only solution seems to be only restore to iOS 9.0.2 using iTunes did, so do not "drop" cheat without erase all data from your terminals.

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