Two hours different! ? A9 equipped iPhone battery life of the A9 and Samsung of TSMC

Shortly after the iPhone 6s and 6s plus hit the market in the US, we were able to tell when your not all models are equal. Already it rumored for months that Apple A9 would be built so as TSMC Samsung, so that Cupertino had an abundant stock and not fall short of the production chain.

Once dissected both paths chip companies, we could see as Samsung under the APL0898 code is built with 14 nm process and has a size of 96 mm2. The TSMC with code APL1022 however, is built in a 16 nm process and occupies more space, 104.5 mm2.

The iPhone 6s with TSMC chip are more than 70% of the produced, if we take as valid values unofficial app available on the network, and that forces us to install Xcode following through processes of questionable safety. For the iPhone 6s Plus practice is reversed, because processors are Korean manufacturer used the most, with 59% share.

But the surprise comes when they have been tested against each iPhone with two different processors, and observed that the terminal chip with TSMC provides almost two hours of autonomy. And it is that Samsung processors, despite being more energy efficient thanks to the most advanced construction process, are unable to provide hours of battery does allow TSMC.

But it is known a simple way to identify if our iPhone carries TSMC or Samsung processor. With Device Info Lite Lirum we know this information if our Apple Samsung A9 is the N71AP and N66AP code is displayed, for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, respectively. If we talk of an Apple A8 TSMC, the codes will N71MAP for iPhone 6s and  iPhone Plus 6s N66MAP.

So far Apple has not commented about it and it remains to see if perhaps a software update addresses these differences and makes the performance and autonomy of both models is equal. We'll have to be patient, but for now it seems clear that the disadvantage for Apple A9 models manufactured by Samsung is clear in terms of battery life.

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