YiSpecter: a new malware for iOS

It 'was discovered a new threat to the security of iOS. Not too long after the discovery of XcodeGhost, we talk about a new malware for the iPhone. YiSpecter talk about, let's understand how dangerous it is and what it does to the affected device.

In China and Taiwan has recently been discovered a new malware for iOS able to install app illegitimate independently and create chaos in the affected device. It's called YiSpecter and should not be underestimated because, potentially, could affect both users with Jailbreak, both users have a device "standard".

YiSpecter then can download unwanted apps and replace them with those on the device, change the default search engine for Safari, edit bookmarks, upload some information about the device without your permission and display advertising content to full screen.

The threat was discovered by Palo Alto Networks and, according to what he reports a spokesman for Apple to CNET, seems to have been fixed in iOS 9.

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