Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Five Reasons to Give Your Child an iPhone ?

The iPhone is not the tool of the tech savvy adult these days, and it is still debatable if it ever was.  Today that iPhone and the iPad are among the most requested alternative to the children’s toy this holiday season, and this may show a more mobile heavy juniors department on the way.  Duracell, in an effort to find out why people are using batteries anymore, has done a survey that showed that fourteen percent of children between the ages of five and sixteen are looking for an iPhone in their stalking, and twelve percent are gunning for the iPad.  The simple nag factor may not be enough to actually get mom’s across America to shell out for one of these fashionable devices, so here are a few reasons why you might want to consider Apple for your holiday children’s needs.

 1. Free iPhone Apps
The App Store is the foundation that the iPhone and iPad is built on since they are essentially empty shells that function for these applications.  The iPhone has been remarkable in that a huge number of its applications, and in a major way its most used applications, are simply free at the iTunes App Store.  This means that an investment in the iPhone is really an investment in a catalogue of games, multimedia apps, and a whole lot of productivity and utility focused apps.  This is going to give permanent depth to their gift and will constantly allow them free options for adding to their existing device.
 2. Safety and Location Features
The iPhone has really stood out with its abilities to have adequate GPS features, map functions, and incredible ties between the Contacts List and other communication features.  The way this can play itself out for children is that it can allow a sense of constant communication and the ability to make navigation clearer.  For users of the iPhone it is often much more difficult to get yourself lost and a lot easier to make out directions and stay in contact through a number of means.  If you are looking to buy your child a cell phone then this is going to be able to bring a whole range of features together that will help keep them afloat.
 3. Restrictions
Many parents are concerned about the unrestricted access that the iPhone gives their children to Internet content and the ability to purchase expensive iPhone apps and iTunes content from their phone without permission.  What is excellent about the iPhone is that they have built in restrictions that parents can set that will limit the type of movie and music options that they can listen to, can freeze certain applications, and prevent internal iPhone purchases.  You can do this through a passcode that you will not necessarily have to share and it can keep their media use under a little closer supervision.
 4. Education
One of the fastest growing areas in the iTunes App Store is around educational iPhone apps, ranging from school planners to learning a foreign language.  As personalized devices like the iPhone become even more ingrained as part of young people’s lives, the more it will be a major part of the educational experience.  In the same way that bringing in home computers was essential to your child’s education, it may quickly be that an iPhone can also be just as necessary.  Apps are really only a part of this as iTunes U has allowed universities to bring their course content, or supplemental material, to the iPhone and iPod Touch as well.

  5. Integrated Technology
Let’s face it: technology and the Internet are a daily part of kid’s lives.  Facebook, instant messaging, and different electronics often dominate what kids do in a variety of ways.  The iPhone is a major step toward centralizing all of these different elements into a way that is going to make things easier on kids using them, and will be the way that all of these services are used in the future.  For example, the iPhone free Remote application will allow them to use their iPhone to control iTunes on their computer.  All of these tools are going to end up making the iPhone one of the most useful tools they can have.
There is no doubt how many smiles you are going to get when they first see the Apple logo under the wapping paper, but you still may want to hold a little extra control over their use.  The iPhone can be more addictive than devices of the past and is well known to steal attention and as a distraction.  This is where parental intervention in general is a must so that this device continues to be useful instead of a detraction.

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