Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[HowTo] Run Metal Gear Solid 4 On Jailbroken PS3

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Really this has been a headache for a lot of people including myself and when I succeeded, I decided to share the guide to play Metal Gear Solid 4 through the MGS1 section in the beginning of Act 4 and the rest of Act 4. This is for those who are still stuck.

My setup is as follows:

- Fat PS3 80 gig
- JB with iPod video 5g
- Hermes v 4b payload
- Open Manager 2.1 I

Start PS3 in normal mode (do not jailbreak)
Delete MGS4 game data from game utility.
Start any other game in normal mode with game disc (Not MGS4 because it will re-install game data)
Exit game (back to XMB)
Shut down the PS3 and switch off (or unplug with PS3 Slim)
Restart PS3 in jailbreak mode (with Hermes v 4b payload)
Launch MGS4 in patch mode and install game data
Play MGS4

This should allow you to play through the whole game including through Act 3 into and through Act 4 without MGS4 hanging or throwing you back to the XMB in the beginning of Act 4

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If you are thrown back to the XMB after Act 3, then try steps 3-8. Launch MGS4. Load the last savegame and you should be able to pay the rest of the game.

Hope this helps

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