Friday, December 17, 2010

Put SBSetting Toggles In Your iPhone and iPodTouch Multitasking Tray With SBS [Cydia]

For all those who use SB Settings for iPhone / iPodTouch, we got a new tweak for you. As you know, to launch SBSetting on your iDevice, all you need to do is just swipe your finger on your iPhone’s / iPodTouch’s status bar. Now, with this new tweak, you can bring all your SBSetting toggles to the AppSwitcher – Multitasking Tray. So, when ever you want to launch SBSettings toggle, just launch AppSwitcher.

SBSettings toggles in the app switcher!
SBSwitcher brings the power of SBSettings to the simplicity of the app switcher bar – just scroll left! With SBSwitcher, you can also access the switcher bar and all of your SBSettings toggles from the convenience of the lock screen.
SBSwitcher is compatible with the iPhone and iPodTouch on iOS 4.0 and later, and works well when combined with various other app switcher tweaks!
No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from the Settings app.
I honestly, not convinced with this tweak. I feel that, the default SBSettings is pretty good and quick. Again, we all have different tastes and preferences. So, if you like it, give it a try. I would have tried it, if it was for FREE. But, this is a paid tweak ($2.99) which is available from BigBoss Repo.

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