Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saurik SHSH Servers Blocked By Apple

Cat and mouse war became more aggressive between Apple and jailbreakers. Today Chpwn announced via Twitter that Apple has blocked Saurik’s SHSH servers.
For who doesn't know ? SHSH blobs are necessary if you wanted to downgrade your iOS firmware to lower version.

Well it seems Apple has blocked access to their gs.apple.com server, which Saurik’s SHSH servers needed to function properly. Chpwn does mention that currently saved SHSH blobs are fine and usable, but moving forward users should find a different method.

But don't worry, we have more than one alternative. You can TinyUmbrella or iSHSHit instead of Saurik server to save your SHSH blobs. Chpwn also mentions that a new way called “Submit my SHSH” could be on the way to Cydia to allow you to save SHSH blobs locally and then uploaded to Cydia from the device.

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