Monday, May 23, 2011

Apple's "Privacy Display" Patent to Protect You From Nosy People (RUMOR)

Do you hate it as well when people in public are staring at your device while you are texting with a friend or checking your social networks?

Isn't it kind of funny that the lack of angle independence was present for over 10 years on flat screens? Screens used by Apple are almost perfect. Even if you are looking under extreme high angle the view is just perfect. This is a proof of the quality Apple is always talking about but in some situations it is just annoying.

Supposedly Apple is working on a screen called 'Privacy Display' for upcoming iDevices. This displays wont allow others to read the display under extreme angles. The best thing about this new display will be that the sensitivity is changeable.
Apple logged-on the patent that new elements in the screen should make it possible for the owner to change the angle sensitivity.


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