Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greenpois0n RC 6.2 Coming Soon ( Update )

Chronic Dev Team the well known hacker over Greenpois0n has wrote an article on Greenpoison official blog regarding iPad 2 jailbreak status and upgrading Greenpoi0n to jailbreak 4.3 - 4.3.1 - 4.3.2 - 4.3.3 untethered for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G and iPad 1. So let's check out their updates after the jump.

iPad 2 Jailbreak with Greenpois0n
As I’m sure many people have heard, Josh (posixninja) has recently been quoted saying the iPad 2 jailbreak is coming in “weeks”, I know I have been very publicly abrasive and non-commital on giving any kind of timeframe or comment on this matter, but at the behest of Josh (in conjunction with his need for a swift kick to the ass for motivation) we’re ALL going to hold him to that!!! I’m not going to get into extensive detail about this, but what I will say one of the missing puzzle pieces may have reared its head and cast a glance in our direction… take from that what you will.
Other iOS devices running iOS 4.3.x Jailbreak with GreenpoisOn:
In the past I have also said that 4.3.x support was on hold for greenpoison to focus on iPad 2 jailbreak exclusively, our course has slightly changed (primary focus has never shifted from iPad 2 since it was released) it has now become possible to easily update and execute a workflow to enable RC6.2 (tentatively speaking… mmm #dirt) to be released “soon”…
Conclusion :
  • iPad 2 jailbreak with greenpoiOn still on progress & no estimated time for release till now.
  • Other iOS devices running iOS 4.3.x will be get untethered jailbreak with Greenpos0n RC6.2, but I think this is not point of interest for iDevice owners, as we already have Redsn0w, PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze that successfully done the job weeks ago.
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