Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Protect Your Account On FaceBook

Facebook is the number one social network in the world with over 600 million users and the second most visited website in the world after Google. Being so popular social network, Facebook has become a  target for cyber crimes, especially for spammers.To deal with such threats Facebook has come up with various account security measures for its users. Here are a few tips to protect your account.

1-The most popular thing from which people get hijacked is phishing. Only enter website with URL ‘www.facebook.com’ Never enter any similar looking website with your credentials. Always look for www.facebook.com on the browser's address bar if you are using a shared computer.

2-Now-a-days, a new scam is spread around Facebook that asks users to Enable Dislike button. This is what being seen in users profiles

When you click "Enable Dislike Button" , it takes you to a page that asks you to copy and paste Javascript code into your address bar. Executing it activates the malicious code. Avoid this at any cost. Never click on these type of links. 
3-Make your account secure with ‘Login approval’. Enable Login Approvals by going to your Facebook account, click Account at the right top corner and then go to Account Settings. Click Change next to Account security option. Check the box under Login Approvals and then follow the on-screen instructions to set-up your mobile This will secure your account giving you a special security code which will be sent to your phone.

4-Never click on the links that suddenly pop up on your Facebook chat and say 'Hey I can't believe I saw you in this picture bla bla bla.' Avoid this and report it as a Spam so Facebook can look into that.

5-Keep your self updated with security related updates. The Facebook Security page http://www.facebook.com/security will give you security updates on Facebook. Like this page to keep receiving updates to ensure that you are up to date with Facebook security.

6-Report any unauthentic content as spam to ensure that you are safe from all kind of junk.

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