Thursday, May 26, 2011

Increase Power of iPad Speakers With Soundjaw [Video]

The Soundjaw is a slim, lightweight device that snaps on to your iPad to increase the power of its speakers. The founder currently raising funding on Kickstarter for the project and is likely to go into production soon.

Due to the placement of the speakers on the iPad 2, a lot of volume is lost out of the back. You know that time you tried to listening to music outside and you couldn't hear anything because of the butterflies flapping their wings too loudly? Or when you muted your iPad by leaning it on a pillow to comfortably watch that movie?

Now with the SoundJaw, we'll all be able to forget those problems. The plastic accessory snaps on to the corner of your iPad 2 to scoop the sound and direct it to the front. Apparently the speaker becomes significantly louder and clearer. The SoundJaw is sleek and compact, and although I wouldn't showcase my iPad with one attached, they don't look too shabby.

Thanks to Kickstarter, people have already pledged $6,506 of its $7,000 goal with 13 days to go. There are only 14 days left and if you’re interested, please consider pledging. I would be surprised if the SoundJaw didn't reach its goal within the time constraints, my bet is that its going to go into production. Although there is no mention of the retail price, the 20$ pledge states "You have just bought the SoundJaw."

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