Friday, May 27, 2011

iPhone 5 Commercial Propaganda !

Apple is searching now for actors to make their iPhone 5 commercial, yesterday one of Macrumors readers noticed a casting call appeared on Craigslist asking for actors for iPhone 5 commercial. Craigslist has removed the ad but it still appear in Google search results.

 Google result for the removed ad
The ad was looking for both Male and Female commercial actors. The role was described as "Happy, Smiling" and they were looking to cast 5 people in a range of ethnicities, ages and sexes. The payment was curiously listed in British pounds.
Commercial Casting Notice for Apple iPhone:
Location: NY
Duration: 1 DAY, starts MAY 4TH.
(Non-Union artist contracts)
Director: H. GOLAN
ROLE: family oriented happy, male and female
AGE: 18-50 - huge range
RATE: $3000 +10%
Last year, at the same date (May 24th 2010) Apple was preparing Facetime commercicials for the unreleased iPhone 4.

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