Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 10 iPad Apps

1. Movie Player. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).cation to play unsupported Video Formats.
It is easy to use. Just Copy them through iTunes into your iDevice.

2. MetalStorm: Online. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).
Allows you to play against other user of GameCenter.
You can level up your Jet, or cheat trough Cydia. (If you are interested I can tell you how).

3. Vogue.
I also have a recommendation for the female readers of this Blog.
You have pay about 5 dollars for 30 days of Fashion. Good looking Application with easy handling. You always have the new fashion trends with you, and don't get them with one month delay.

4. ElectroBeats. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).
I think we all know who David Guetta is. He is famous for his Beats and he got an amazing App who allows us to create our own Electro music very fast and easy.

5. Overkill. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).
First Person shooter with good looking levels and enemies. Rising request for the player.

6. City maps 2Go. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).
It allows you to access into City Maps in foreign Country's.
This App is good for you if you have to travel from time to time and you hate it when you get these bad maps in your Hotel. You can download these Maps from a server and save it on your Device.

7. OffMaps 2. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).
It is a bit like the App above but with a great feature. You can also search in the maps you have already downloaded.

8. Real Racing 2 HD (Optimized for iPad 2 with HDMI-Adapter).
Already presented here with the HDMI-Adapter.
Race cars on Race Tracks with beautiful graphics.

9. ScoreCenter XL.
Do you always forget when your favorite NHL, NBA or NFL (many more...) are playing. Or do you just want some results while you have to work ?
Well then you should get ScoreCenter. You will always be up to date.

10.Week Calendar HD.
After a long time of time UtilityTabs just released their iPad Calendar App.
Well arranged App with which you will never forget anything again.

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