Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apple Officially Register Of Domain

We recently confirmed that Apple is going to announce iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and a new cloud service named iCloud at WWDC 2011 starting from June 6th. With less than just 5 days remaining for the main event, it has now come to our attention that Apple is indeed the official registrar of domain name.

It was previously rumored that Apple bought the domain name from Xcericon, a Swedish hybrid cloud computing firm for a staggering amount of $4.5 million.

We also know that Apple is setting up a huge 505,000-square-foot data center in North Carolina which is said to house all technology required for Apple’s various cloud based services which shall unite together under the domain.

It is also being said that Apple is going to present demos of iCloud at WWDC 2011. The thing we're most interested about, is when Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stages and lifts the curtain on Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and the new iCloud service. We'll be bringing all updates from WWDC 2011, so stay tuned with us !

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