Saturday, June 25, 2011

Apple Patched Gevey Sim Unlock Exploit On iOS 5 Beta 2

According to MuscleNerd twitter account, and after some tests on iOS 5 beta 2, that Apple has successfully patch the hole used by Gevey SIM to unlock iPhone 4 on higher baseband. For who don't know Gevey SIM is a hardware used to unlock iPhone 4 on basebands that can't be unlocked with ultrasn0w.

it's surprising Apple closed Gevey interposer hole in b2 rather than waiting until final (maybe they were under pressure)
No more unlocking with Gevey SIM starting from iOS 5 beta 2 even with 'ultra' version of Gevey SIM, so we expect to see a significant drop in price during upcoming inventory sell off.

Definitely Gevey SIM's developers will start to upgrade their tool to beat Apple again, but likely this upgrade will start after iOS 5 official release by fall. On the other hand, dev-team should focus on developing ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone 5.

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