Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Download Torrents On Your iPhone With iTransmission

We have covered apps that enable you to download torrents on your iPhone. iTransmission alpha version is a new jailbreak app that just went live in Cydia and it makes your jailbroken iPhone capable of downloading torrents.

However keep in mind that iTransmission is in alpha version. Some of the functions that you see in this app won't be working at this point in time when you think of downloading torrents via iPhone.

While there are other solutions for downloading torrents on iPhone as well, iTransmission has a nice easy to use GUI that will make this task easier on your device. iTransmission lets you download torrents on iPhone using either a Wi-Fi connection or your cellular data connection.

Simply browse for torrents in Safari for iPhone and copy their respective links. Then, open iTransmission and click on the + sign in the lower right hand corner. Tap on URL and then paste the link we previously copied. The torrent shows up and begins downloading on your device through iTransmission.

iTransmission is now available for download in Cydia absolutely free.

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