Sunday, June 26, 2011

Geohot Devotes His Effort On Facebook And iPad 2 Jailbreak Plan Is Temporary Suspended

George Hotz a.k.a Geohot is known in jailbreaking medium as the Godfather. He recently settled his lawsuit with Sony. Later, he was challenged by Joshua Hill also known as p0sixninja on Twitter to jailbreak iPad 2 which Geohot accepted and then later he backed out and since
then he has disappeared from this line. And now A member of the Chronic-Dev Team Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) said in a recent interview that Geohot is now working for Facebook.

Evidence is also found on Geohot's Facebook Wall where he says : Facebook is amazing fertile place for jailbreaking.

This video confirming that Geohot devotes his efforts to work on facebook and his iPad 2 jailbreak plan is temporary suspended.


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