Thursday, June 16, 2011

iPad 3 Will Run With Quad Core Processor

The iPad 2 is out and is doing great, so that means we can turn our focus towards the next generation iPad, possibly to be called as the iPad 3. A new report indicates that the iPad 3 could feature a quad-core processor, something which is yet to debut in commercial tablet devices.

Apple currently manufactures the processors which go into its iOS devices. Its latest creation, is the dual-core A5 processor which is found in the iPad 2 and may come in the next generation iPhone as well.

A quad-core  processor, probably the A6 can provide some serious power to Apple's tablet. However, there's a catch. We might not see this quad-core processor on the next generation iPhone and iPod touch because it would be prone to overheating given the considerably small size of these two devices. So what Apple can do, is that it manufacture a souped-up version of the current A5 processor, use it in the next generation iPhone and iPod touch, until it comes up with a way to ensure proper cooling of a quad-core processor in these devices.

Since the iPad has ruled the tablet market, Apple needs to make sure that the crown stays with it. Just recently, NVIDIA unveiled its quad-core microprocessor named Kal-El and its going to come inside future Android tablets as soon as the company starts supplying it. There's no doubt in the fact that Apple would want the iPad to be the first tablet with a quad-core processor, out in the market. Let's see when we hear the official details regarding the iPad 3.

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