Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kingston Wi-Drive Brings WiFi Streaming Enabled SSD Storage On Your iOS Device

Ever thought that the internal storage space on your iOS device wasn't enough for all your movies and music? Ever considered the possibility of letting people access media stored on your device without them taking it physically from you? Introducing the Wi-Drive from Kingston, a niftly little wireless SSD that can stream to four other iDevices simultaneously.

Kingston's Wi-Drive acts as an external WiFi enabled storage device for your iDevice, allowing you more space to store and stream all of your favorite media to four other iDevices at the same time. However, this does come at a cost. The 16GB Wi-Drive SSD will set you back $130 and the 32GB variant will set you back $175.

The best feature of Kingston Wi-Drive has to be its ability to stream multiple files to four other connected iDevices all at the same time. Meaning that you shall not complain when someone picks up your iPad to look at photos when you're in the mood to watch a movie on it.

Wi-Drive lets you stream music, general media files and video in 720p through its iOS app. Given the amazing functionality it offers, people are likely to not consider the price tag on Wi-Drive. So tell me, are you going to buy one?

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