Sunday, May 29, 2011

Live TV Now Available To Your iPhone By Cydle i30

Cydle ! ! this name not strange to my ears, it is a company that is credited with manufacturing many popular in car accessories. This South Korean manufacturer has just announced a latest accessory for everyone's beloved iPhone. The Cydle i30 will bring live over-the-air tv to your iPhone.

The best part of Cydle i30 is the fact that it does not require a data connection of any sort. No WiFi or 3G is required. TV signals received over-the-air are the secret behind Cydle i30's working. Using this accessory, you'll be able to watch all of your local stations for absolutely no cost at all.

Bear in mind that the channels offered for over-the-air streaming are limited, and most popular channels require you to pay a subscription fee. Channels of those sort can not be viewed on the iPhone using Cydle i30. However, it would vary upon your location as to what channels you're able to watch live on your iPhone.

The company has not announced any exact release date of Cydle i30 or the price. Let's see when that happens. Nevertheless, Cydle i30 does look promising as watching live tv on iPhone is definitely something to go for it.

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