Friday, July 1, 2011

Apple In Trouble

Well, we all know that Apple is an giant American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, smartphones, tablets and etc. The most shinny department in Apple is the hardware products section that includes the Macintosh line of computers, iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Apple becomes the valuable technology company in the world.

Unfortunately, Some experts see that Apple is now in danger cause of its closed system and the locked operating system, this closed system forced you to buy all applications from apple, this closed system will affect apple in the future will Displays it to the danger of extinction
In Speaking at the inaugural Forward with Ford Futuring and Trends Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, US, tech expert and Gear and Technology editor at NBC’s Today Show, Paul Hochman, explained that closed systems in nature and beyond ultimately die out: “Apple’s in big trouble. They’re sitting on piles of cash, but they are sitting on a closed system. In biology, in history, a closed system never survives,” he said.
Apple is not the only company at risk but this problem applied also on the car motors and the entertainment system inside

Hochman bemoaned Ford’s rivals’ decisions to lock down tech in a vehicle that might be owned for five years or more: “General Motors has a closed system. Essentially, it bolts a phone into the car.” With no chance of upgrading the hardware itself, even though entertainment and communication technology moves on quickly.
It is for this reason that he applauds Ford for adopting an open system with its MyFord Touch and SYNC Applink technologies. Both of them are fully (and regularly) upgradable in software terms, and rely on an external handset (iPhone, Android, etc) for communication and, even, app support.
On the other side we can say that open system allows you run applications from an external devices, the open system make your device more easier and familiar with other devices and systems, amazing more interesting, the open system allows you to save money, but can Apple do this ? Could you imagine Apple allowing that? I think Apple Should take swift action against this.
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