Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPhone 5 With Flipped Controls Without Home Button [Rumor]

MobileFun got a new prototype of iPhone 5 cases which leaked from a chinese accessory, but this new design of iPhone 5 seems very strange, as this new design of iPhone 5 without home button with a curved back with a larger screen and totally buttonless design.

And really this is one of the rumors we see in these days, but Apple will release iPhone 5 on September and we are going to find what we will see, but this design makes that assertion :

“Steve Jobs originally intended for the iPhone to be buttonless, but found he couldn’t quite get away with it. It looks like he’s some way closer to that goal with the iPhone 5; the physical home screen button has been replaced with a touch-sensitive ovaloid area which takes up the middle half of the bottom border. This area might be used for unique multi-touch gestures, given its increased size.”

Rumors of Apple going back to the curved back of the iPhone 3G have also been tossed around the internet, and these case designs affirm that speculation. The iPhone 4′s glass back caused several issues with repeated shattering, and it also factored into the ‘Antennagate‘ saga. Going back to a curved design makes sense. We hope that it’s aluminium.


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