Friday, July 1, 2011

Mac OS X Lion Gold Master Available For Developers To Download

Today, Apple has released Mac OS X Lion Gold Master seed and it now available for download to developers. Mac OS X Lion is the eight major release of Apple's Mac OS operating system.

The release of the GM seed of Mac OS X Lion today is definitely going to get all Mac users excited as a GM seed is the last release before the software is rolled out for all end users. A GM seed is the last pre-release build of software from the company. 

So what this means is that next, we shall get the official release of Mac OS X Lion which is going to be available for download through the Mac App Store. Previously, we reported that there was a possibility of Mac OS X Lion launching early next month.

Just recently, Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.8 which readies your Mac machine and the Mac App Store for Mac OS X Lion. We're all really excited for Lion and hope that it is released soon! Meanwhile, developers should get a redemption code from the Mac Dev Center and try out Mac OS X Lion GM seed for themselves.

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