Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mac OS X Lion Recorded Million Time Download On First Day

Alright, before yesterday Apple has released Mac OS X Lion and all Mac users waited for it for a long time, then when it appeared on the Mac App Store people began to download it but guess how many times it was downloaded and only on the day it released ? one million times on the first day, big number right ?

Lion is off to a great start, user reviews and industry reaction have been fantastic,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. Lion is a huge step forward, it’s not only packed with innovative features but it’s incredibly easy for users to update their Macs to the best OS we’ve ever made.
And as it was mentioned by Apple company that Mac OS X Lion is the fastest selling Mac OS ever from any other operating system. This not only proves how great the Mac App Store is for desktop software distribution, but proves how vital Apple’s $29.99 price point is. This is nearly the same price as Snow Leopard last year, an operating system that was based around under the hood improvements. On the other hand, for the same price, Lion delivers 250 new features like Launchpad, Mission Control, an all-new mail application, and Multi-Touch gesture across the operating system.


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