Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Concept Design Of iPod Touch 5

We feel great passion in order to know any new about iPhone 5, and the same we are with new iPod Touch which is being awaited by it's fans with great changes in design and hardware replacements expected. But most of the people also discuss that there will be no change in the design of new iPod Touch, but
there will be only addition of 3G service. The interesting fact to be expected is about 3G Radio that will be amazing. This picture is taken from iPhone Download Blog.

If we look as Apple’s iCloud, then the addition of 3G would be a great addition in iPod Touch 5. the other evidence of 3G in new iPod touch is the addition of iMessage in iOS 5. the addition of iMessage will be of no use if most of the iDevices will not be able to use it near their home because of absence of 3G services.

Let us take this point into consideration that, if 3G is added to iPod, then the connectivity issue will remain their in iPad, but the usage of iPad is a bit different as of Pod.

There is no release about the new iPod by Apple, but most of the people would be working to create some new design of iPod. The new design may represent the idea about the new iPod by Apple in Sep/Oct this year. Here is note from people working at iDB.

We took this concept to Photoshop, and we came up with the iPod Touch 3G. It looks exactly like the current iPod Touch, but has a black strip on the back. It also says “3G” in the menu bar. Along with that, it also features an integrated SIM card, as the next iPhone is rumored to have…

Let us wait and see how the iPod 5 3G Will Be !

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