Monday, August 1, 2011

Is This Real iPhone 5 Or Fake One? [Leaked Pictures]

The Chinese dominate manufacturing cheap replicas of smartphones just as Apple dominates the entire smartphone market. Chinese iPhone replicas are so hauntingly realistic that its hard to spot the difference until you actually see one turned on. Similarly, an iPhone 5
Chinese replica has been released and is invoking speculation that it may look like the real iPhone 5.

The images, originally posted on the internet by Chinese tech blog called gizChina strikingly resemble the iPhone. It has that original Apple logo, FCC and other markings and comes with a chrome bezel. On the software end, don't expect this cheap replica to run iOS. It runs a Java based operating system that performs basic tasks like playing music and browsing over WiFi.

One should keep in mind that this device has been modeled after an iPhone that has not been even released yet. Does this mean that Chinese manufacturers have an idea of what the real iPhone 5 is going to look like? We know that its going to be thinner, will come with a bezel and will have tapered edges, and this counterfeit iPhone 5 exactly fits that description.

Nevertheless, this fake iPhone 5 only costs $108, a far cry from what the original iPhone 5 is going to cost. You'd be surprised, won't you if this really does turn out the way the real iPhone 5 is supposed to look?

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