Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fake White iPhone 5 With [ Video ]

Before yesterday we reported on a fake iPhone 5 being sold in China for just $108. Well, it looks like more and more people are getting their hands on this fake iPhone 5 and now a video of a white iPhone 5 replica has hit the web. Watch the video, after the jump.

One should keep in mind that this device has been modeled after an iPhone that has not been even released yet. Does this mean that Chinese manufacturers have an idea of what the real iPhone 5 is going to look like? We know that its going to be thinner, will come with a bezel and will have tapered edges, and this counterfeit iPhone 5 exactly fits that description.

Watch this video for the fake iPhone 5 :

Do you think the Chinese know what the real iPhone 5 design is going to be? This fake iPhone 5 definitely looks a lot like the rumours we have been hearing about the next generation iPhone design. Here's to hoping that we see an official iPhone 5 image soon.

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